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Tailor your teaching plans to multiple assessment formats, optimize study techniques and schedules, and provide accessible practice tests with detailed analytics.

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Bringing results-oriented efficiency to the classroom, our white-labelled mock tests are designed to help optimise learning and get students exam ready.

Personalise study by providing instant feedback on practice questions.

This lets learners know immediately where their areas of strength and weakness lie. This accelerates progress and ensures maximum value is captured during the short preparation period.

Help teachers identify patterns and track individual performance in real time.

Customisable filters facilitate a granular diagnosis of student capabilities. Teachers can instantly zero in on who needs extra help so they can intervene swiftly while there’s still time to revise concepts adequately.

Keep your branding throughout the exam prep journey.

Our sectional tests and full-lenght mock tests provide a consistent look and feel from start to finish and consequently boost recognition of your organization.

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